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Waiting in long lines at the local emergency room with a sick child is never an ideal situation. That’s why at Palm Leaf Pediatrics in Miami, Maria Roberta Moro, MD, and her experienced team offer a unique approach to medical services. Dr. Roberta Moro provides access to concierge medical services for all of her pediatric patients to ensure they get the attention they deserve when they need it most. Call the office or schedule an appointment online to learn more about the benefits of pediatric concierge medicine.

Concierge Pediatrics Q & A

What is concierge medicine?

Concierge medicine at Palm Leaf Pediatrics is designed to ensure your child receives the highest-quality medical care, especially during emergencies.

Dr. Roberta Moro and her staff focus on eliminating long wait times and exposure to other sick people, which is common in urgent care clinics and hospital emergency rooms, to ensure your child receives a prompt diagnosis and treatment plan.

Palm Leaf Pediatrics also offers same-day appointment times, so your child doesn’t have to wait several days for a health evaluation when they have the flu, an infection, or undiagnosed pain. As part of the concierge medical services provided, Dr. Roberta Moro also makes her pediatric patients a priority, answering every call that comes in during or after business hours.

What are the benefits of concierge medicine?

With concierge medicine, you always have direct access to your child’s doctor, a necessity when your child is very sick or needs assistance with a chronic medical condition.

In addition to having 24/7 access to Dr. Roberta Moro by phone, you can also take advantage of the in-office visits she provides to address all health issues thoroughly.

Other benefits of concierge medicine include:

  • No long wait times
  • Smaller patient base
  • Personalized attention
  • Prompt diagnostic testing
  • Same-day appointments

With Dr. Roberta Moro’s approach, you no longer have to take a sick child to a crowded emergency room or sit for hours in an urgent care waiting room.

When can I call for a same-day appointment?

If your child experiences serious symptoms, such as high fever, signs of dehydration, or persistent pain, you can call Palm Leaf Pediatrics at any time to discuss your concerns with Dr. Roberta Moro. You should also contact her office if your child has complications from an underlying medical condition, such as uncontrolled blood sugars or an asthma attack.

Depending on your child’s needs and symptoms, Dr. Roberta Moro may suggest a same-day appointment for emergency situations. If your child needs care that isn’t urgent, the Palm Leaf Pediatrics staff still works with you to get the next available appointment time.

Learn more about the benefits of concierge medicine by calling Dr. Roberta Moro’s Miami office or scheduling an appointment online today.